Elicuisine, the zany inventors

gastronomes with crazy ideas

We are a passionate team that is crazy about cooking and loves to spice things up! Elicuisine is a collective story to which each of us contributes our individual strengths and eccentricities.

We are
zany inventors

Our passion for cooking drives us to research, invent, and design new products. We are foodies and gastronomes as well as inventors—sometimes a little zany! Inspired by our personal experiences, we try to unearth the craziest ideas so that you can enjoy more unique cooking experiences.

to share

We love to share our favorite finds and make them accessible to as many people as possible. We are convinced that cooking is an art; the art of sharing, togetherness, and good vibes. By presenting smart, clever, offbeat products, we can picture you creating unforgettable moments and lasting memories with family and friends. Our promise isn’t to create products that will make the most beautiful dishes or the tastiest meals, but rather the ones that will give you the most pleasure to invent, create, and taste.

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